With Cliplight Super Seal sealant products, undetectable and unaccessible minor leaks in the refrigerant pipe works may be resolved. This alternate option provides last resort answer before deciding to change the air-conditioning or refrigeration equipments or pipeworks which may not practicable or may be expensive.



Teck Hoe Airconditioning Parts Pte Ltd has been distributing  Super Seal sealants over the past 3 years in the local industries. Teck Hoe has been supplying more than 1,000 sets supplied over the years in Singapore,

 Super Seal sealants have provided a much needed answer to the some of the problems in the industries. Users are cautioned that specialised preparations are needed prior to apply Super Seal sealants in the affected systems.


These include determining that the leaks are of minor types, sizes of existing system capacity, refrigerant types, etc.  Proper applications of the sealants are of equally important to ensure successful results.

 Note that wrong or improper applications may be hazardous and  may cause damage to the systems or equipments. Hence, users are advise to read the instructions provided prior to applying the products.